Raspberry Pi Rides Again

This blog originally started in June 2012 when Raspberry Pi was new – I wanted to find out what could be done with this wee computer, that cost only about £25.

The site’s header image shows a close up view and the image below gives a better idea of its actual size, with respect to my desk top, screen, and telephone.

The blog was initially quite active as I tried out various ways of using the Pi, beginning of course with hosting a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) website running the WordPress Content Management System.

That works quite well and if you are browsing this page then it continues to do so – it is coming, live, from the Raspberry Pi on my desk.

Eventually I posted less frequently because I had tried most of what I wanted to do and actually I prefer my regular desk-side computer, which also runs Linux, for my day to day computer use. But the Pi was ‘always on’ and it consumes very little power so I just left it to it.

Recently though I noticed a serious failure had occurred, not in the Raspberry Pi hardware but in a USB stick onto which I had migrated the website database – to save space on the Pi’s SD card and for easy sharing with other web sites. I didn’t have a decent backup because the whole project was just for fun – so most of the old blog has been wiped out 🙁 .

Ironically that catastrophe has re-kindled my interest and I have resurrected the web site by installing a brand new Raspbian operating system, complete with its PIXEL desktop, to replace the previous Arch Linux one – and starting again.

In the next few posts I will re-trace a few of my previous Raspberry Pi steps, and maybe make a few new ones?