Bolt on more storage

Actually storage space isn’t the main issue for me (yet), my 8GB SD cards still have a little headroom.  But I use 2 different cards, one for Arch Linux and one for raspbian and I was getting fed up with manually synchronising this wordpress blog on each card.  So I externalised MySQL’s datadir and Apache’s DocumentRoot to a 1GB memory stick via a 4 port USB hub.

Result seems to work fine, RPi never performed very fast anyway.

So now I can post to the blog from Arch Linux or raspbian – and you can’t tell which version of linux is hosting WordPress.



mapsberry on rails

I wanted to check if RPi could host Ruby on Rails applications. So I installed RoR on my Arch Linux pi and created an osviewer app for browsing UK maps via OS Openspace. It’s a very simple RoR app because it delegates all the hard work to the OS map server – but it demonstrates RPi can do RoR. osviewer is backed by a Postgres database and served via mongrel on port 3000.

On my Raspbian pi I struggled with mongrel and switched to the Thin Rails server.  And I used MySQL instead of Postgres for the database so that it doesn’t have to run 2 database servers (one for WordPress and one for Rails).

So don’t just look at the screenshot, visit the site.