PiV-Ray tracing

Well actually POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) tracing based on the brilliant pages by Andrea and Friedrich A. Lohmüller at http://www.f-lohmueller.de/index.htm .

I have been experimenting with POV-Ray on my regular desktop PC, which runs Arch Linux and I found  povray – POV-Ray: The Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer quite easy to install via sudo pacman -S povray.  The Lohmüller’s site provided everything else that I needed – except perhaps a few months more learning and practice.


Then I realised that as my RPi runs Arch Linux too, I might be able to do it just as easily there (if a bit more slowly). That turned out to be the case, the image below was generated entirely on RPi, using povray -orainbow.png -w400 -h300 rainbow.pov.
I even got the rocking chair to rock, with a little help from imagemagick :
povray Rocker_0_demo.ini => 45 numbered .png images
convert   -delay 10   -loop 0   Rocker_0_demo*.png   Rocker_0_demo.gif takes all of the source frames and makes them into one animated GIF image. The -delay 10 argument causes a 10 hundredths of a second delay between each frame, and the -loop 0 causes the gif to loop over and over again.